The 1st Regulation Crowdfunding portal dedicated exclusively to security token pre-sales.

Security tokens represent a whole new way for entrepreneurs to raise capital and for investors to build wealth. With the introduction of the DUSTO (Debt Until Security Token Offering), a security token pre-sale agreement developed by Indeco, entrepreneurs can ensure SEC compliance for their offering and investors can benefit from interest payments and a lower token price.

Holders of the DUSTO will have the option to be repaid in cash, or to purchase security tokens when they are issued. These security tokens are not equity or debt. They represent an investment contract as defined by the Supreme Court in SEC v. W. J. Howey Co., now known as the "Howie Test," embodied in an ERC-20 compliant smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.

Because of the massive, and growing, investor interest in security tokens, Indeco has partnered with truCrowd to provide a Regulation Crowdfunding portal featuring the strongest offerings in compliant crypto assets.

Disclaimer: CryptoLaunch by truCrowd, Inc does not make any payments to or share any fees with Indeco Union.

Our Team

Claudia Ecobici

Co-Founder and CMO
MBA/MS Sorbonne University. Ten years marketing and startup experience, with three dedicated to equity crowdfunding.

Magda Alexe

20 years experienced frontend/backend architect. Designed/Built first licensed & operational intrastate equity crowdfunding portal in the U.S.

Vincent Petrescu

Co-Founder and CEO
CPA/MBA with prior experience as as CEO, CFO, and COO. Experience with multiple startups and one exit.

Florence Hardy

A lawyer and MBA with 10 years of business consulting experience.

Our Advisors

David Levine

David is the founder & CEO of Indeco Union, a public benefit company delivering crypto assets for a better human experience. He is a perpetual entrepreneur with previous startups in solar energy, FinTech and video game technologies. David is a graduate of Yale University.

Mark Wirt

The original developer of Indecoin, Mark Wirt is a physicist as well as a scientific computing, blockchain, information security and big data guru. He also dabbles in ethnobotany and leads open source python audio projects.


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