Cryptocurrency is becoming popular in most parts of the world. It helps individuals from countries using different currencies to have a chance to trade without a currency barrier. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency that people used. However, it comes across several challenges. It did not support all world currencies. Traders also joint it to congestion. This resulted in other cryptocurrencies coming to play. In this article, we introduce you to an alternative to bitcoin, commonly known as altcoins. So what are altcoins?

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What are altcoins?

Altcoin refers to any cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin. In other words, it is simply an alternative to bitcoin. In the market currently, there are several altcoins. You don’t have to trade on bitcoin, especially if you are facing any challenge with it. Bitcoin does not monopolize the market, so you can always review your need and opt for the best cryptocurrency that can work well for you.

What are the best altcoins to invest in?

So what are the best altcoins to invest in? As said before, there are several altcoins that you can go for. However, not all of the altcoins are worth your investment. We, therefore, look at the factors that you should consider in coming up with the best altcoins. If you decide strategically, you are likely to go for the best altcoins.

The gain favor of the altcoin

Altcoins are competing. It refers to the ratio between the all-time best price and its current price. If the ratio is high, then it means that you are most likely to earn a lot of profit. If the ratio is, say, 5, then it means that the money will have invested will multiply five times.

The staying power of the project

Altcoins attract investments for specific projects. Have you ever heard that someone invested in an online project which collapsed before he or she could reap the return? This happens when you don’t check to know when the project is likely to end, you will be investing in the wrong project. Even if the gain favor is attractive, it would not be of great importance you invest in a dead project.

Market availability

You are investing to gain profit. Just like bitcoin, altcoin is also a business that people involve in to earn money passively. The market is not something you can ignore. Look at what is trending and make and make use of it. Do not just accept any altcoin whose market is not promising.

Altcoin review

Let’s talk about altcoin review. The world became a tiny zone where you cannot be misled if you are an information seeker. Social media will give you the best review that you need to invest in a given altcoin. Additionally, most of the altcoins are handled on specific websites. Users are therefore available to give reviews within the website. If you realize that there are negative reviews, then you should not risk your investment.


Best altcoins for 2021

As the altcoins market expands, it is good to note that not all altcoins are good for you in 2021. We, therefore, bring to you the best altcoins for 2021 that should not bypass you this year. Have a look!


This altcoin was created by Vitalik Buterin in 2013. It has its programming language. To run this altcoin, you only need to pay a network gas fee commonly known as ethereum’s token. The current market capitalization is $64.35 billion. It gives its investors a platform on which they can conduct the application of a smart contract. It was the first platform to make such applications possible.

If you are looking for a platform where you are guaranteed to profit in 2021, this is the best altcoin that you should be considering. It has proof of excellence, and so you can be sure that it is worth your investment.


Here is one of the reputable altcoins that you should consider going for. It was launched in 2011 and happened to be the first altcoin that came to be after bitcoin. As of January 2021, its market cap was $10.1 billion, which made it rated the 6th biggest digital cryptocurrency.

Investing in litecoin is a sure bet that you are going to get the worth of your investment. It is not going to die soon. We consider it one of the most profitable altcoins this year.



Ripple, commonly known as XRP, is a famous cryptocurrency known in the whole world. It gives the most authoritative services for most monetary foundations and central bank systems. This can already help you understand that ripple is a sure source of income if you invest in it. However, you should note that the altcoin does not give you an immediate return. You need to understand the market and know when you can sell your coins or buy more. As much as its price is still low, you should be sure that the harvest will be perfect.


You must have heard of this cryptocurrency. It is known for its ability to convey interoperability between blockchains. This means that you can still trade with the others with this altcoin since most of them depend on it. It also offers you the best security for your investment as well as that of your clients.

What is altcoin trader?

The question is what is altcoin trader? An altcoin trader is simply an individual who buys and sells altcoins. He or she holds the altcoins until their price in the market becomes higher than the price he or she bought them. He then sells them to get a profit. To make the business more effective, he will have to be very attentive to understanding market trends.


Altcoin trader withdrawal

Withdrawing your cash from your altcoin trader site is very simple. All you need is to log into your altcoin trader account. Once you have logged in, there is a ‘withdraw’ icon on the top end of your screen. Click on that icon, then go ahead to click the ‘withdrawal type’ icon. At this point, choose the altcoin that you would wish to withdraw from. Specify the amount depending on what you have, then receive an email to confirm your withdrawal. In this article you can find how to cash out cryptocurrency. That’s all about altcoin trader withdrawal.

If you have been thinking of earning money passively, then you should invest in an altcoin. You only need to make a wise decision on which altcoin to go for. The above suggestions will give you the best results. Be sure to consider the review and get the best alternative to bitcoin.

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