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Goal: $10k - $1070k
20,000 - 2,140,000 units
by, LLC
Leesburg, VA
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Goal: $10k - $500k
2,000 - 100,000 units
by Veptas Technology Solutions, Inc.
Malvern, PA
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Goal: $10k - $898k
10,000 - 898,000 units
by Indeco Union
Reston, VA
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A better way for businesses to raise capital

Crypto represents a better way for businesses to access capital. Unlike debt and equity finance, crypto offers creative freedom, community support and friendly terms. We will guide you, as an Issuer, thru the steps of using Regulation CF.

A better way for investors to build wealth

Depending of each investor situation, crypto assets could be an important part of each portfolio. Compared to the holders of equity and debt issued by many startups.


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